Senior retired friends play cards in their spare time or at retirement home

How to choose the best 55+ community for you

You've worked hard for decades, but now its time to think about retirement and how and where you would like to live...

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How To Tell The Difference Between Normal Forgetfulness And Dementia

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Megan Ray | October 5, 2019 Forgetting things occasionally is a part of life. It’s why people may have reminders on their smartphones or sticky notes on their refrigerators. As people get older they might experience more frequent instances of memory loss, but this is often a normal part of aging. So how can aging adults tell if they’re experiencing the symptoms of dementia? And how do they know when it’s time to tell a doctor? Here are some tips on how to tell normal forgetfulness from dementia: Normal age-related symptoms:These problems can be frustrating, but they are not very […]

Protect yourself from scams

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Click Here For A FREE Copy To Be Mailed To You Home Advertising Request Locations Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, TX New Orleans Contact Us Here’s What You Need to Know Postings | April 6th, 2020 Law enforcement agencies are expecting a significant increase in fraud and scam attempts in the coming weeks. Below is a message received from a local county’s sheriff’s office.  Please share this information widely, especially with your clients. Discuss this with them during your wellness checks, ensuring they do not fall victim to someone looking to steal their money or identity. Since the passing of the Economic […]

Do Your Parents Need a Pulse Oximeter?

May 20, 2020 |by Rania Jill Caring for your parents and determining what they may or may not need can be a challenge. In general, a recent study recommends highly specific care models and support for the elderly, especially if they are living with chronic conditions. That’s because at this point in your parents’ life, their needs differ significantly as opposed to when they were younger. In fact, for anyone who is taking a degree in social work or already work in the sector, they soon find out how the elderly comprise a large segment of the population — along […]

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