Medication Management Guide: 10 Tips for Seniors

Most assisted living communities provide residents with medication management services, which can be helpful if family members live far away or cannot check on aging loved ones regularly. For seniors who live at home, understanding steps to managing medications effectively can help keep them safe.

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What women need to know about Stroke Risk

What Women Need to Know About Stroke Risks (Family Features) It may not be widely known that women face unique risk factors for stroke throughout their lifetime. Things like pregnancy, preeclampsia and chronic stress can increase the risk for high blood pressure, a leading cause of stroke. Cardiovascular disease, including stroke, is the leading cause …

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Peanut Butter Perfection

Peanut Butter Perfection (Culinary.net) If you’ve ever taken a bite of something and the only word that came to mind was “yum,” you know what it’s like to experience this dessert. It’s fluffy, sweet, perfectly crumbly and tastes delicious. It’s rich but light. It’s a dessert that will likely never go out of style. You …

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Easter Dip Goodness

Easter Dip Goodness (Culinary.net) Easter is about coming together with loved ones, enjoying beautiful spring weather and eating your family’s favorite foods. The kids will be playing, adults will be chatting and all will be patiently waiting for the table to be set. If you’re visiting and making memories with family and friends you haven’t …

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6 Ways to Build Lasting Healthy Habits

6 Ways to Build Lasting Healthy Habits (Family Features) Starting on a path toward healthy habits is often easier than maintaining them long term. This year, you can avoid a major pitfall of healthy resolutions and build healthy habits that stick by working small, positive steps into your daily life. In fact, healthy habits are …

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Improve Wellness with Affordable Bathroom Upgrades (Family Features) Wellness is at the forefront of nearly everyone’s mind, including keeping germs at bay and creating surroundings that promote mental and physical health. Even small, but important, spaces like the bathroom can benefit from changes with wellness in mind. A bathroom can be one of the easiest …

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8 Tips to Rethink Clean at Home and On the Go (Family Features) For years, terms like “clean,” “sanitized” and “disinfected” have been used almost interchangeably. However, if people have learned anything from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s just because something looks clean doesn’t mean it actually is. From high-touch surfaces to personal hygiene, many have …

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White Hot Chocolate When it’s cold outside, start up the fireplace, get your favorite slippers on, wrap up in a warm blanket and snuggle on the couch with this delicious White Hot Chocolate. Find more recipes at Culinary.net. White Hot Chocolate 3 cups Half & Half 2/3 cup white chocolate baking pieces 1 3 inch …

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Make Healthy Easy with Grapes (Family Features) If you’re like many Americans who put a priority on well-being, choosing simple yet healthy snacks and ingredients is an easy first step. For example, grapes are a popular and convenient fruit that can also be an ally in wellness, offering an abundance of health benefits that can …

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Tips for Planning Winter Getaways (Family Features) Winter occasions and celebrations equate to increased travel opportunities for many families to see destinations around the globe. Whether you’re planning a trip far from home or taking advantage of nearby attractions during a staycation, you can get more out of your adventures when you plan ahead. Consider …

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Pets for Better Wellbeing (Family Features) Through trying times, pets continue to play a critical role in people’s everyday lives, easing minds and filling hearts. Ninety-two percent of pet owners feel their relationship with their pets helped improve their mental and physical wellbeing over the last three years, according to the “Pets for Better Wellbeing” …

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